Turn Your Customers Into Your #1 Growth Engine

Champion is the first Customer Marketing Platform to activate your customers and biggest fans to create post-sale marketing programs that generate new growth.

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Boost New Sales and Retention Through Advocacy

With sales cycles lengthening — 24% longer than they were the previous year — post-sale marketing through customer advocacy is no longer a nice to have, but a need to have. Champion arms you with an AI-enabled platform to create unquestionable value that your CFO can't ignore.

The Opportunity Match page on the Champion platform

The customer led growth platform

Build an operationalized advocacy strategy that goes beyond silos — and generates momentum at every point in the customer journey.

Generate Pipeline

Identify hidden advocates in your customer base, and activate them to drive growth across the full funnel. Seamlessly measure your impact.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Never scramble for a reference again. Accelerate deals by seamlessly connecting your opportunity with the perfect reference at the right moment.

Improve Net Retention

Track patterns of top users to drive adoption, upsells, and renewals. Get proactive alerts when Champions leave accounts or risk is detected.