Turn Your Customers Into Your #1 Growth Engine

Champion is the first customer advocacy platform that unlocks dormant revenue — from building pipeline, to closing deals faster, to boosting net retention.

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Intuitive, Powerful, Revolutionary

Champion leverages AI to identify your most devoted customers, and empowers them to influence success when and where you need them, from reference calls, to warm introductions, and beyond.

Champion product screenshot of a list of possible champion match opportunities

The customer led growth platform

From identifying the right customers, to measuring results and optimizing impact, customer advocacy becomes more complex & siloed as you grow. Champion enables cross-functional alignment and puts the customer at the center of your growth.

For marketing

Identify hidden advocates in your customer base, and activate them to drive growth across the full funnel. Seamlessly measure your impact.

For sales

Never scramble for a reference again. Accelerate deals by seamlessly connecting your opportunity with the perfect reference at the right moment.

For success

Track patterns of top users to drive adoption, upsells, and renewals. Get proactive alerts when Champions leave accounts or risk is detected.