Every act of advocacy, attached to ROI

Intelligent programs that drive real impact. Ditch the one-off campaigns — Champion enables customer marketers to build cohesive programs that create pipeline, close deals faster, and increase win rates, all in one system.

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Reviews and Case Studies Are Just the Beginning

The future of customer advocacy is holistic, personalized programs that scale. With Champion, you can seamlessly deliver the right touchpoint to the right prospect at the right moment in time all while managing and tracking references, reviews, case studies, and referrals all under one roof.


Surface hidden champions, Powered By AI

Connect all your data sources across CRM, product usage, ticketing, conversational analysis, and more to identify users with the highest likelihood to drive influence and advocacy.


Create REpeatable, revenue-driving playbooks

Leverage custom-built or off-the-shelf workflows to connect the perfect customer with the perfect prospect at the perfect time. References, relevant reviews, use cases, and more – all tailored to personalize the buyer experience.


Close your next deal faster

80% of B2B buyers want to speak to a customer before purchasing.

Be proactive and make it easy for your prospects to speak with your customers – without the hassle and manual work of coordinating introductions.


Re-Engage Moving Champions

Past users are 3x more likely to buy familiar tools after joining a new company. Yet, Champion customers indicate 20-40% of a B2B organization’s customer contacts are out of date.

Get notified of job changes and act quickly to deliver new sales conversations.


Manage Account Health

Gain visibility into the power users and advocates within every account, and activate their patterns across the organization.


Measure the ROI of Every User in Your Customer Base

Finally, every act of advocacy, tracked and attributed. Score every reference call, view every referral in pipeline, and track the lifetime value – and added impact – of every customer.