New Feature Release: Champion Follow (Job Change Tracking)

Jeff Reekers

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Today at Champion, we're excited to announce the release of a new feature set to change how Customer Marketing teams impact revenue growth and retention: Champion Follow (Job Tracking).

First: The Daemon backStory

During the early validation phase of Champion, we had a great conversation with the CCO of a $1Bn+ unicorn, who shared a concerning story:

Their Customer Success team had an upcoming QBR with a customer, and they discovered they were completely unaware that their champion, who was scheduled to be on the call, had recently departed the company.

The way they found out? Their customer marketing team had just sent an email to connect them for a reference call and got a bounce-back.

Thankfully, that one was saved, and they didn't join the call blindsided. But quickly, a six-figure account could have gone from green to red. And, it isn't an isolated incident – it happens all too often.

Address not found email bounce
Daemons are not how you want to hear your champion changed jobs

Proactive, Not Reactive

We set out to solve this within Champion and tie it in with our core vision.

And now, after months of piloting, we're thrilled to introduce our latest feature: Champion Follow.

Champion Follow tracks your key customer contacts and provides real-time notifications when they leave or change jobs. This feature, powered by our Champion Identification AI, empowers post-sale marketing and success teams to:

  • Drive new ARR when champions leave and join a target account:
  • Mitigate churn and enhance the strategic relationship between marketing and customer success
  • Keep advocate programs growing and up to date

And, perhaps most importantly - cultivate champions for life - beyond their tenure at a single company.

Champion Job Changes dashboard
Daemon's be gone forever! Champion Follow surfaces your champion job changes in real-time

Foundation: Champion Identification

What sets Champion Follow apart is our foundation of Champion Identification.

Champion automatically identifies your top advocates through signals - such as marketing engagement, review sites, sentiment sourced from customer support and conversational intelligence, and power users - and surfaces these individuals as your next advocate to activate.

This, along with our newest Job Change rollout, best empowers advocacy leaders to zone in on their top customers and give incredibly human, personalized, and caring experiences.

Champion Identification dashboard
Track the health of every user in your customer base, and zone in on your top advocates

See it in action

Our newest release builds on our mission to develop technology that amplifies and activates the voices of your customer champions.

The easiest way is to schedule a demo directly, or shoot me a message at

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