New Features Release: Connect Customers with Prospects to Close Deals Faster

Jeff Reekers

We’re excited to share new features designed to seamlessly connect your customers and prospects to close that next deal faster.

Read on (and join our upcoming webinar to learn more).

1. AI Enhancements for Reference Matching: The Perfect Reference, Every Time

No more sorting and searching for the right reference. Champions leverages AI to automatically surface the best reference for every opportunity. Empower your sales team with relevant references that boost velocity and increase close rates while opening up your time previously spent on combing through endless data.

2. Reference Lifecycle Management: Get Ahead of Your Buyers' Needs

80% of buyers want to talk to a reference, why wait till they ask? Champion's new reference management dashboard allows you to take a proactive approach. Gain visibility into every opportunity, so you can set up reference calls before they're even requested and ensure every interaction leads to a successful outcome.

3. Activate New References, Directly in Your Workflow

One of our most loved features just got even better. 

The next deal you're about to close might just hinge on a reference who hasn't opted into your program yet. Champion's Activate Flow changes the game by allowing you to easily identify the best potential references and gauge their likeliness to opt-in, all within your reference workflow. No more time wasted on chasing AEs and CSMs or sifting through Salesforce records. Activate Flow effortlessly unlocks 10x more opted-in references.

4. Reference Scheduling: Don't Let Time Hold You Back

End of quarter coming up, and need the reference call ASAP? No problem. Champion’s date scheduler ensures calls happen promptly, so your sales organization has time to close deals effectively.

5. HubSpot Integration: Seamlessly Sync Your Data

Workflows often rely on a variety of tools. That's why we're excited to announce our integration with HubSpot. With this integration, you can sync your data between Champion and HubSpot, streamlining your processes and ensuring that your reference program is integrated into your existing workflow.

All Feature Updates Included in This Release

To summarize, here’s everything included in this latest release:

  • AI enhancements for reference matching
  • Reference management dashboard to manage reference lifecycle
  • Activate Flow updates: gauge potential reference likeness to opt-in, effortlessly unlock 10x more opted-in references
  • Reference scheduling to work collaboratively with sales
  • HubSpot integrations and data sync

Interested in learning more about the release? Sign up for our webinar.

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