New Feature Release: Champion Interaction Management

Jeff Reekers

The customer is the center of everything in marketing. 

Yet, most B2B organizations lack visibility into their customers' true impact on revenue growth and how to invest in them for scale.

Today, marketing investment goes into what’s most directly attributable to net new revenue, validated via CRM lead sources and surrounding attribution systems. The problem with this is that attribution primarily connects to whatever digital step occurs closest to a web form completion or meeting being booked—things like digital advertising campaigns. Meanwhile, core drivers influencing deals led by customer marketing organizations—think a referral or reference—go untracked.

For most organizations, this means significantly less investment in customers, even though they are the lifeblood that drives our companies, missions, and growth.

But that’s all about to change.

Today, we’re introducing our new interaction management in Champion. Interaction management picks up where the CRM leaves off, tracking every act of advocacy and contribution to growth that our customers take. 

Imagine if you could invest in your customers with the same ROI clarity you could in digital marketing campaigns. This is the future. And we’ve taken a big step toward making this a reality and putting customer marketers into drivers of their organization's growth.

Let’s dive into the specifics.

User-Level Revenue Influence

I’ve been a CMO for many years. I’ve seen firsthand where the marketing budget goes. The majority is invested where it can be justified via traditional reporting and where a clear case can be made back to your finance counterpart. Even if it isn’t what really drives business.

We’re here to fix that. For the first time ever, you can measure the impact of every user in your customer base and invest in them just as you would an Adwords campaign.

Revenue is attributed back to individual users

Advocacy, Meet ROI

Champion Interaction Management empowers customer marketers to measure the revenue impact of every advocacy interaction and understand each Champion’s overall influence.

Reference? Case study? Referral to a new internal business line? All actions are logged directly in Champion, and when a deal attached to these interactions closes, the ROI influence reflects onto the individual customer—something that has never existed before today.

Track and measure every interaction

100% Champion Activation

You’ve identified customers making an impact. What’s the delta between what’s possible and what’s happening today?

Perhaps it’s an impossible question to answer, but our Interaction Capacity takes a step toward reaching this promised land. Champion empowers advocates to opt-in to advocacy activities so you can maximize the impact and relationship with every customer.

A CRM For Advocacy

Traditional CRMs are responsible for providing insight into our customers, yet most lack the depth necessary to drive impact from a growth and marketing perspective.

Where CRMs leave off, Champion picks up. Interaction Manager empowers customer marketing and advocacy team to track and manage every advocacy program from request to completion and never miss an interaction or detail.


We’re just starting this new era of investing in our customers to drive growth like, beyond the customer-led branding and marketing, and really into the nitty gritty of how marketing budgets get set, and what truly drives growth.

If you want to learn more or check us out in more detail, contact me directly at I love this stuff and will chat with you about it endlessly :)

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